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Brink Biologics, Inc. holds the exclusive non-clinical rights to the NK-92®️ cell line and its CD16 expressing derivatives, all of which are uniquely and ideally suited for antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) assays.

NK-92® cells are the only continuously growing human NK cell adapted to mass production
Brink Biologics created the NK-92® master cell bank (MCB). EXCLUSIVE

NK-92® MCB has been accepted as clinical grade material by regulatory agencies across the world, including the US FDA, EMEA and Canada Health. RECOGNIZED QUALITY

The sole holder of homogeneously pure NK-92® cell cultures with superb retention of phenotypic characteristics in more than 6 months of continuous culture. PURE CELL LINE


Brink Biologics, Inc. Neukopanel® cell lines are developed from proprietary NK-92® cells and are made available for non-clinical applications by the only authorized distributor of NK-92® cells.

Five Advantages of the Neukopanel® Cell Lines:

For the first time the means to establish a consistent, robust and reliable assay for assessment of true ADCC function.

Cost and Time Savings


True Cytotoxicity


Ease of Use


Robust Assay


Eliminates Phenotypic Variability

  • Cost and time savings over common practice using donor-sourced (PBMC) NK cell isolation, expansion and maintenance in short term cultures
  • Eliminates phenotypic variability of donor-sourced NK cells as Neukopanel cell lines offer clonal consistency, purity and reliability as an assay reagent
  • Ease of use over donor-sourced NK cells and capable of long-term continuous cultures
  • Ability to generate a readout spectrum with the use of our homozygous high and low affinity CD16 expressing lines alongside our negative control line for assay robustness
  • True cytotoxicity rather than cell-binding readouts

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